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What is a Dietitian ?

A Registered Dietitian (or Registered Dietitian Nutritionist) is a protected title in many states that is reserved for a professional who:

1. Has completed an undergraduate program in Nutrition and Dietetics

2. Has completed a Dietetic Internship (1200 supervised hours)

3. Has sat for a national exam testing competencies to practice nutrition therapy

4. Maintains licensure in their state of residence and registration within the United States

5. Completes continuing education credits throughout their career to keep up with the most up to date nutrition science. 

A dietitian is a nutritionist, but a nutritionist is not always a dietitian! 

Will my health insurance cover Dietitian services?

Full Life does not presently panel with any insurance companies to use In Network benefits. Many of our clients are successful with using Out Of Network benefits with their insurance, but it is the responsibility of the client to check with their insurance company for OON benefits prior to beginning sessions. Your insurance company will likely require a diagnosis to be on file in order to reimburse you. You will need to ask your doctor or therapist to send documentation of your diagnosis to Full Life in order to take advantage of SuperBills. Clients are responsible for payment on the day of service. 

What forms of payment does Full Life take?

All clients are required to have a card on file before their initial session (not before their discovery call). Clients can choose to put a credit card, debit card, HSA or FSA card on file. If you are submitting to your insurance for Out Of Network reimbursement, you will still be required to pay for services out of pocket while waiting for reimbursement. Full Life uses an autopay system that will charge your card overnight after your session. All sessions are offered on a sliding scale rate. If you would like to take advantage of sliding scale pricing please ask during your discovery call. 

Why do you specify an age range?

There aren't nearly enough practitioners willing to work with adolescents and very few practitioners who have specific training to provide quality adolescent care. With this in mind, Full Life is committed to using their background in adolescent treatment at high levels of care to offer a very necessary service in Washington and Missouri. We know that adolescent eating disorder treatment is not the same as adult treatment, so our style is specifically oriented and designed to help adolescents, young adults, and families pursue long term recovery. Being a dietetic practice, we do not claim to provide therapy, but we have received training in CBT (cognitive behavior therapy), DBT (dialectic behavior therapy), and FBT (family based therapy) which allows us to bring in aspects of therapy to the session in a way that supports our clients. 

I don't reside in Washington, Oregon or Missouri, can I still see you?

Dietetic licensure laws require that dietitians only provide medical nutrition therapy (MNT) in the states where they are licensed. Our team is presently only licensed in the states of Washington, Oregon and Missouri, so individual and family sessions are limited to those residing in those states. Virtual sessions are available for any resident of WA, OR or MO. There are a few states that do not have dietetic licensure requirements and allow out of state nutrition counseling: Colorado, California, Arizona, and Virginia. 


 Since our group meal support is not providing individualized MNT, it is open to those in any state in the US. 

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