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Movement Mindset Guided Journal
  • Movement Mindset: Intuitive Exercise Guided Journal


    This downloadable, printable guide to intuitive exercise will help you challenge yourself with movement in a new kind of way. Rather than challenging yourself to go harder, push yourself past comfort, and bully yourself into a movement practice, we’re going to be going a different route.


    This journal will walk you through a month of building trust with yourself - your intuition and your body. It will help you establish new goals and norms. It will help you look at movement from an experimental lens. You will practice movement in new ways and old ways and probably some uncomfortable ways. You will practice incorporating more rest and focus on enriching your body experience. Let’s get started!


    It was created using techniques and topics that would be explored in a session with me, a registered dietitian specializing in eating disorder treatment. Throughout the month you will be encouraged to explore your own version of intuitive movement in a way that is supportive, gentle, and compassionate. 

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      This purchase is non-refundable. 

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