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Gretchen Wallace MS, RD, LD

What is the full life?

Fat Positive | Health at Every Size | Anti-Diet | Eating Disorder Recovery

Full Life Nutrition Counseling LLC was started in Seattle, Washington and now serves clients in Washington, Missouri, and Oregon. We are a specialized practice dedicated to the treatment of disordered eating - restriction, bingeing, purging, excessive exercise, and extreme pickiness.  We are committed to providing the best care possible using evidence based strategies, solid counseling and educational styles, and meeting you where you are as an individual. Our team would be a good fit if you are ready to ditch diet culture and heal your relationship with food, your body, and exercise. Our practice primarily works with kids over the age of ten, teenagers, young adults, or with caregivers who have young children with ARFID. If you are outside of these age ranges, but believe this could still be a great match please reach out for a discovery call. 

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See some options for support below

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Individualized Nutritional Counseling

Work with a dietitian individually to address specific concerns related to your eating patterns, relationship with food, body image, relationship with exercise, and more. Our team has years of experience in the field of disordered eating and uses multiple treatment modalities and approaches to help you improve your wellbeing. 

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Group Meal Support

Weekly meal support for young adults (ages 16-22) held via a secure video platform. Lead by Gretchen, this group aims to challenge disordered thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs at the table as the meal is occurring. This group is best for those looking to add a little support to outpatient work, but who are not needing a higher level of care. A new cohort is starting

September 28th for college students - please let us know if you 

would like to participate! 

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Educational Opportunities

Are you looking for someone to speak to your classroom, team, or club? Do you need someone to discuss risks or identification of eating disorders with your workplace or a group of parents? Are you a dietitian hoping to get supervision in the treatment of adolescent eating disorders or with your work with families? We can help! Please send an inquiry to to get the process started.  

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Virtual visits for those residing in WA, OR or MO

(360) 209-2075

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